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Looking for a loft conversion company in West London? There is no telling just how much a loft conversion can truly transform a property. When you work with Lunacanu Construction Ltd, you can wave goodbye to dusty, unused spaces or piles of forgotten belongings – instead creating a loft space that is chic, functional and stylish. Whether this means you create an extra bedroom or a hidden attic library – we can turn your unused space into the room of your dreams. This will also increase the value of your property significantly, making any future sales much easier.

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Lucanu delivers loft conversions in West London as well as Surrey.  We can easily reach areas such as Paddington, Richmond, Teddington and Twickenham as well as Ascot, Chiswick and Kew.

If you’re looking for a loft conversion in West London, simply fill out a form (below) or give us a call on either of the phone numbers in the header.

There are many factors that influence the cost of a loft conversion. The cost will depend on the size and structure of your existing loft and the changes you want to make. If your loft is structurally sound and has lots of space, you may just need windows put in and a few aesthetic improvements. However, if you want to significantly increase the space and add features such as a kitchen or bathroom, a loft conversion will cost more.

We’ll work with you to balance your vision for your loft space with your budget.

A loft conversion can be done on any budget. The most affordable types of loft conversions include roof light and dormer conversions. A roof light conversion is a great option for lofts that already have enough space and structural integrity. Windows are added to the sloped roof to improve natural lighting, and insulation and ventilation are improved. The floor may also need to be reinforced or changed.

A dormer conversion adds a little more space by adding one or more dormer windows. Single dormers can be added to either side of the roof, while a full width dormer can increase space along the entire length of the loft.

If you’re planning to use a loft conversion for a guest bedroom, you should consider adding an ensuite to the space as well. The easiest way to do this is to add it above an existing bathroom so the existing pipes and drainage can simply be extended. If this isn’t an option and installing new plumbing infrastructure is too expensive, a macerator system can be installed. We can help you find the best option for your home and budget.

If your loft conversion is quite simple, you may not have to make any changes to the heating in your home. If the space is being increased significantly, you can have your boiler replaced or install heating under the floorboards.

After our initial consultation, our professionals will provide you with a full design plan and make you aware of any building permissions required. If you’re happy with the plan, we will carry out our services, taking care of the full process from start to finish. 

Research has found that a loft conversion can increase the value of your home by 20% or more, depending on what the space is transformed to.

One reason why many people choose a loft conversion over an extension is because it often does not require planning permission. As long as you don’t plan to make major external changes or live in a conservation area, you should be able to complete a loft conversion without planning permission.

Though you may not need planning permission, you’ll need Building Regulations approval to make sure your house is accessible to those with mobility challenges and safe in the event of a fire. You’ll also need to conform to the Party Wall Agreement if you live in a terraced house which requires that you notify your neighbours of the changes you are planning to make and receive their permission.

If you really want to maximize the space in your loft, the best option is a hip-to-gable or Mansard conversion. A hip-to-gable conversion is suitable for hipped roofs. In this type of conversion, the hipped roof will be replaced with a gable wall to increase head space.

If your existing loft doesn’t have nearly enough headroom, a Mansard conversion may be the most suitable option. This entirely replaces the existing roof with a nearly vertical wall and nearly horizontal roof. Mansard conversions can be applied to one or both sides of the roof. If you still want that sloped look, you can also have a prefabricated roof made to replace your existing roof. Both of these options will require planning permission, so make sure you factor this into your decision.

To insulate the walls and ceiling of your loft conversion, insulation can be placed between the roof rafter and tiles. This will require that your existing roof tiles be replaced. A combination of heavy and lightweight materials in the floors and walls can be used for both soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Electrical alterations may be required if your current system is outdated or in poor condition. In other cases, simply extending the existing circuit is all that is required.

A seamless loft conversion 

At Lucanu Construction Ltd, our years of combined industry experience mean that we’re always ready for a challenge. Whether you want to convert your loft into a stylish bedroom, or a games room that will be an envy of your friends – we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, we have a track record of sustained excellence in our field, so you know you are in good hands.

Our journey together will begin with a consultation where our professionals will put together a unique design plan based on your needs. We’ll also use this time to keep you up to date with any building permissions required. Once you’ve signed off on the plan, we’ll get started on transforming your loft.

At Lucanu Construction LTD, we are passionate about providing quality services at an affordable price – and will strive to deliver above and beyond your expectations. You can check out our previous work here.

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