When looking for a builder in West London or Surrey, you need to be sure that you have selected the best contractor for your home or business property. After all, an inferior service will lead to inferior results that you’ll regret for years to come.

However, knowing that you need a good contractor and knowing how to choose a builder are two different things. By the end of this simple guide, you’ll have all the information you need.

Why does the choice of builder matter?

Before worrying about the credentials of a builder, you must first understand why it’s important to do your research. Nobody wants to waste their time on a process that doesn’t really matter. However, the value of selecting the right contractor for your residential or commercial building project cannot be overlooked.

Some of the most telling benefits to be gained from choosing the right builder include, but are not limited to;

  • You will receive works that are completed to the very highest standards.
  • Your project will be completed on time and budget.
  • You can gain the support of an expert who can advise you on the best projects.
  • Your works can be completed in a logical manner at the right time of the year.
  • You will be protected against financial and structural damages that may occur.
  • Your works will be supported by guarantees for long-term quality.
  • You will be able to enter the procedure with optimal peace of mind.

In short, knowing how to choose a builder will provide you with the most convenient, cost-effective, and comprehensive service available.

What to look for in a builder

Once you actively search for a builder, you must ensure that no stone is left unturned. The harsh reality is that there are a lot of contractors that won’t satisfy your expectations. With the following checklist at your disposal, though, the road to finding a reliable builder will be far smoother.

Check their location

It’s always best to work with a builder that has a local presence, especially when based in a busy location like West London and Surrey. A local builder will know the roads and appreciate other challenges in the local area to guarantee a punctual service. And should you need to call them for any reason, they can respond quickly.

Look for recommendations

A referral from a friend or relative that has recently had works completed by a builder will naturally put your mind at ease. However, you no longer have to limit yourself to votes of confidence from people you know. Checking out verified reviews and testimonials can point you to the right contractor.

Verify their credentials

A builder that is registered to a guild or trade body, like the National Federation of Builders, is certified to provide work at a high standard. As such, every client should request to see the appropriate details. You can verify them by contacting the governing body itself for confirmation.

Look for evidence of their work

Every builder can tell you how great they are, but seeing is believing. Therefore, asking for photos of past projects is highly advised. Not only will you see the standards of their work, but it will allow you to determine whether the contractor actually specialises in the type of work you need completing.

Seek clear costings

There’s nothing worse than being hit with an unexpected bill. A good builder will give you a transparent breakdown of the project costs, including materials and labour. Moreover, all repayment details should be clearly stated in a writing. Aside from giving you added protection, it ensures both parties know where they stand.

Ask for guarantees

Whether having a minor residential upgrade or huge commercial refit, you need reassurance about the quality of work. Guarantees of workmanship, materials, and other features will provide it. There is little point in having a nice looking project that will need treating within a matter of months.

What to avoid

In addition to checking that the builder has the right credentials, you must identify and respond to the red flags. Some of the most common include;

  • Asking for money upfront,
  • Not providing a contract,
  • Offering a ‘VAT-free’ service,
  • No history in the industry.
  • No proof or referrals.

Once again, the key is to establish confidence that you will receive the service you excerpt at an affordable price.

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