If lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic have left you with a burning desire to transform your home after twelve months of being locked indoors, then fear not – you don’t need to break the bank to extend your home. At Lucanu Construction Ltd, we understand that extending your home isn’t something that has to cost the earth. So how do you extend your house cost effectively?

Here are four house extension ideas that you can complete with us on a budget.

1. Kitchen Extension

Your kitchen is likely where you spend a large majority of your time when at home, particularly if you’ve been working from home during the pandemic. If you are on a tight budget and can only afford to make one extension to your home, then make it count by transforming your kitchen. Brand-new kitchens can add nearly 5% to a home’s resale value, so it’s definitely worth considering the upfront cost if you plan to make a profit on your home further down the line. Make the most of your available space by extending to the rear of your property and augment your kitchen area considerably. Just remember, kitchenware dates very quickly, so opt for a classic or timeless look to ensure that there is longevity in your renovation project. This will avoid you needing to revamp the room again when styles change in a decade or so’s time.

Approximate Cost: From £20,000
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2. Add A Conservatory

If you like the idea of bringing nature into your home, then a conservatory could be the perfect addition for you – and it needn’t cost the earth either. Natural light is a huge selling point when it comes to marketing any home, and with a conservatory, you’re going to have bags of it. This can also increase the value of your home by up to 5% and costs far less than a kitchen extension. A much-loved rear extension project here in the UK, the conservatory is a timeless classic and can be made cheaper if you opt for a polycarbonate one as opposed to a fully glass conservatory. Consider the long-term value of your property though, it may be wiser to spend more upfront to see more of a return on your investment down the line. Equally, garden space is admired by house buyers so don’t eat into your yard too much, just enough to help the indoors and outdoors blend together nicely while adding an additional room to your property.

Approximate Cost: From £15,000

3. Loft Conversion

This one is more of a renovation project than strictly an extension but think about it this way. Your loft is near enough unusable until renovated, so technically you are extending the floor space of your home. If you have a rather pokey Victorian home, then a loft conversion can really add some additional space without having to extend to the front, rear, or side of your home. A converted loft could be a playroom for the kids, an additional bedroom, another bathroom or even a kitchenette. The possibilities are endless! In terms of value, while there is a significant upfront investment required, a loft conversion could increase your home’s values by up to 20%. If your budget can stretch to afford a loft conversion, then it’s somewhat of a no brainer for you. You don’t actually need planning permission either, which is surprising given that it is such a sizeable change to your home, making the whole experience much more straightforward.

Approximate Cost: From £40,000
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4. Extend Your Outdoor Space

Purchasing adjoining land to your property could really help to increase its value and is a great way to extend your home on a budget. We mentioned previously how much emphasis buyers place on a beautiful and spacious garden, so why not extend your outdoor space to augment the value of your home? Purchasing adjoining land can be done privately and if you drive a hard bargain could be obtained cheaper than you think, we’ve overestimated our approximate cost but if you find a good deal, this price could be significantly lower. That said, renovating the garden itself could be pricey and if you are looking to add a new patio, balcony, or sunken garden area, then this will take time and money. Nonetheless, there is severe value to add here.

Approximate Cost: From £40,000

We’re experienced in transforming homes across the West London and Surrey areas with more than 20 years of renovating and extending both residential and commercial spaces. Every building project can be stressful but we try to make the experience as straightforward as possible by keeping things transparent, efficient and ensuring our project remains within budget. Get in contact with builders in West London today. 

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